2016 Programmable Power Meter / High Resolution



All-Bright 2010 Series High Resolution Power Meter, there are 8 voltage ranges, 8 current ranges, and 64 watt ranges selectable. With very high resolution, All-Bright offers you excellent quality and most economic solution for power measuring. It can be widely used in a variety of fields from home appliance, office automatic machines, to facilities of the industry. Flexible and user friendly design, easy for operation, All-Bright sees your needs.



¡DBasic ¡Ó0.1% accuracy.
¡DV, A, W true RMS measurement.
¡DProvides auto and manual ranging for both voltage and current measurements.
¡DProvides autoranging for measurements of frequency.
¡D4-1/2 digits A/D converter is used, provides high accuracy, resolution, and stability.
¡DProvides 3 multi-function displays with 7 selectable measurement modes (Wrms, Arms, Wrms, PF, VA, VAR, Hz).

¡D8 ranges for voltage measurements, 8 ranges for current measurements, and 64 ranges forWatt measurements.
¡DAutomatically store the latest operating settings before powered-off. Resume the settingson the next power-on.
¡DPeak current over-range warning.
¡DStandard RS-232C Interface

*** Features listed below are only for Model 2017/18/19

¡DProvides PT and CT ratio-multiplication function (between 0.0010 and 1000.0).
¡DIndependent comparison function for each display.
¡DFront Panel Store / Recall Function
¡DAverage Display Function
¡DDisplay Hold Function




Input Circuit Type Resistive voltage divider Shunt input
Rated Input (range rms) 5/10/20/50/100/200/500/600V

2017: 25m/50m/125m/250m/500m/1.25/2.5/5A
2016/18: 100m/200m/500m/1/2/5/10/20A
2019: 250m/500m/1.25/2.5/5/12.5/25/50A

Input Impedance Approx. 1M£[

2017: Approx. 40mW£[
2016/18: Approx. 10mW
2019: Approx. 4 mW£[

Max. Input (at 50/60Hz) 600Vrms

2017: 5Arms/12.5Apeak
2016/18: 20Arms / 50Apeak
2019: 50Arms/125Apeak

Range Selection 2016: Auto Range, 2017/18/19 : Manual or Auto with LED Indicated
A/D Conversion 4 1/2 Digits ADC
Input Filter 2016: None, 2017/18/19 : 1KHz low pass Filter
Input Terminal 2016/17/18: Screw Terminal, 2019: Binding Post Terminal




Voltage / Current
Effective Power
Frequency Range 2016/17 : 10Hz to 50KHz, 2018 : 10Hz to 100KHz, 2019: 10Hz to 5KHz
Crest Factor ¡§3¡¨ at Rated Input
Operating Principle Ture rms Analog Multiplier Circuit

Display Accuracy
10Hz to 45Hz
45Hz to 66Hz
66Hz to 2KHz
2KHz to 10KHz
10KHz to 50KHz
50KHz to 100KHz

0.15% of rng + 0.2% of rdg
0.1% of rng + 0.1% of rdg
0.1% of rng + 0.1% of rdg
0.15% of rng + 0.2% of rdg
0.15% of rng + 0.1% of rdg+( 0.2%*(f-10KHz))
0.15% of rng + 0.2% of rdg+( 0.3%*(f-10KHz))

0.2% of rng + 0.2% of rdg
0.1% of rng + 0.1% of rdg
0.12% of rng + 0.1% of rdg
0.15% of rng + 0.1% of rdg+(0.2%*(f-2KHz))
0.15% of rng + 0.1% of rdg+(0.3%*(f-10KHz))
0.15% of rng + 0.2% of rdg+(0.4%*(f-10KHz))

Effective Input Range 5% to 100% of Set Range
Temp. Coefficient ¡Ó0.05% of Range/¢J
Display Update Rate 3.3 times/sec
Display Digits 4 1/2 Digits (20000 counts) Full 4 Digits (10000 counts)




Operating Principle Reciprocal Counting Method Display Digits Full 5 digits display on each frequency
Display Range 10.000Hz to 100.00KHz Display Resolution 1mHz to 10Hz
Display Accuracy ¡Ó (0.006%+5d) Frequency Range 10Hz to 100KHz
Measurement Range 5% to 100% of Rated Range      




Item Wrms VA VAR PF
Computation W VA=V*A VAR= PF=W/(V*A)
Computation Range Depends on the Selected V and A Range -1 to 0 to 1
Computation Accuracy ---- ¡Ó0.05% of VA Range ¡Ó0.05% of VA Range ¡Ó0.001
Maximum Display 9999 9999 9999 ¡Ó1.000


**Below Function Only for Model 2017/18/19

Display Scaling Function Reassign Ratio: 0.0010 to 1000.0
Significant Digits Selected Automatically According to Significant Digits in the Voltage and Current
Averaging Function Display Computing Average (Fixed 3 Measured)
Compare Function Independent Compare with HI/GO/LO LED Display for Each Display


General Specification

Interface Standard RS-232C Interface
Power Supply AC 115V/230V¡Ó10%, 60Hz/50Hz Switch Selectable
Warm-up Time Approx. 30min.
Operation Humidity / Temperature Range 80% R.H. (+5¢J ~ 30¢J), 50% R.H. (+31¢J ~ 40¢J)
Storage Temperature / Humidity Range -10 ~ 70¢J, <80% R.H.
Accessories Power Cord x 1, Operation Manual x 1

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