IR TEST (OPTION) : DC:100~1000V, 1~9999M[

HI-POT : AC: 5000V / DC: 6000V

ARC DETECT : 0.5mA~15mA / DC 0.5mA ~ 7.5mA


Large LCD for setting values

Conform to BS, CSA, TUV, VDE,UL, CE....Standard Requirements

Backup battery can recall the parameters which be set before power off

Easy manual driven with cursor guiding operation

Large Memory (100 sets) for Setup Steps & Parameters

Output frequency is 50/60 MHz

Adjustable internal setting

Each Memory offers 9 steps of different Test Parameters

Able to execute single or multi testing mode and single or continuous testing cycle times

Extend options available

EGS-45ADIR is designed for Multi-point Scan Test

EGS-45A/EGS-45AD can perform Multi - point Test when used with Scan Box EGS-45


Scan Test @ @

8pors phase

Withstanding Voltage Test(EGS-45A AC, EGS-45AD, EGS-45ADIR AC/DC)
Output Voltage AC: 0~5000V / DC: 0~6000V. Digital setting(4digits), 10V/step, adjustable with۷/۸keys.
Voltage Regulation 1% +5V
Waveform & Frequency Sine Wave 50Hz selectable
Voltmeter Accuracy 4digits, 1% of reading +5digits
Output Current AC: 0.01mA~15.00mA, DC: 0.01mA~7.5mA
Current Meter Accuracy 4digits, (1.5% of reading +5 digits)
Arc Detection Function 0.5mA~1.5mA(DC0.5mA~7.5mA) 0.01mA/Steps.(0.0mA is OFF)
Test Time 0.5~999.9Sec(20mS), 0.1sec/Steps.(0.0sec is OFF)
Ramp up Time 0.1~999.9Sec(20mS), 0.1sec/Steps.(0.0sec is OFF)
PASS/FAIL Judgment

Windows comparator system

HI-Limit: 0.10~15.00mA, Digital setting(4digits), 0.01mA/Steps.

LO-Limit: 0.05~7.5.00mA, Digital setting(4digits), 0.01mA/Steps.

Arc Detection 0.5mA~15mA(DC0.5mA~7.5mA)0.01mA/Stepps.

(LO-Limit & Arc Detection setting 0.0mA is OFF)

Judgment Accuracy (1% of setting +50gA)
Insulation Resistance Test (Option of EGS-45AD/45DIR only)
Measuring Voltage DC: 100~1000V, Digital setting, 10V/steps.
Voltmeter Accuracy 4digits, (1% of setting +5 digits)
Measuring Range 1~9999MW
Measuring Accuracy

500V: 1~1000MW: 5% of reading

500V: 1001~9999MW: 15% of reading

< 500V: 1~200MW: 10% of reading

< 500V: 201~1000W: 15% of reading

Test Time 0.5~999.9Sec(20mS), 0.1sec/Steps. 0.0sec is off
Judgment Waiting time 0.1-999.9Sec(20mS), 0.1sec/Steps
PASS/FAIL Judgment

Windows comparator system.

Both HI and LO limit values can be set with the measuring range.

Note: When the lower limit value is greater than 2000M[, a judgment wait time of 1.0second or more is necessary.

Judgment Accuracy Same as measurement accuracy.
Test Time 0.5 to 999.9 sec. (20ms), 0.1 sec/Steps. (0.0 sec is OFF)
Judgment Waiting Time 0.1 to 999.9 sec. (20ms), 0.1 sec/Steps
Test Modes
Auto Test Up to 9 test steps with different test parameters.
Single Test Execution withstanding voltage test or insulation resistance test.


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