HM2008 200 MHz Mixed Signal CombiScope



200 MHz Mixed Signal CombiScope® with FFT

2GSa/s Real Time Sampling, 20GSa/s Random Sampling
2MPts Memory per Channel, Memory Zoom up to 100,000:1
FFT for spectral analysis
2 Channels + 4 Logic Channels with Option HO2010 (MSO)
Deflection coefficients 1mV/div.K5V/div., with adjustable DC offset voltage; Time Base 50s/div.K2ns/div.
Acquisition modes: Single, Refresh, Average, Envelope, Roll, Peak-Detect
Front USB-Stick Connector for Screenshots
USB/RS-232, optional: IEEE-488 or Ethernet/USB
Signal display: Yt, XY and FFT; Interpolation: Sinx/x, Pulse, Dot Join (linear)
Adjustable input impedance 1M[/50[
See HM2005-2 for analog mode