HM5010 Spectrum Analyzer

Frequency Range: 0.15MHz - 1050MHz

4½ Digit Display: (Center & Marker Frequency, 0.1MHz resolution)

Amplitude Range: -100dBm to +13dBm

Filters: 20kHz, 400kHz and Video Filter

Tracking Generator (HM5011 only) 0.15MHz - 1050MHz

Output Power: -50dBm to +1dBm (50 Ohm)


Evolution of the original HM5005/HM5006 has led to the HM5010/HM5011 Spectrum Analyzer/Tracking Generator which extends operation over 1 GHz (frequency range 0.15 to 1050 MHz). Both fine and coarse center frequency controls, combined with a scanwidth selector provide simple frequency domain measurements from 100 kHz/div. to 100 MHz/Div. Both models include a 4½digit numeric LED readout that can selectively display either the center or marker frequency. The HM5011 includes a tracking generator.

The HM5010/5011 offer the same operation modes as the HM5005/5006. The instruments are suitable for pre-compliance testing during development prior to third party testing. A near-field sniffer probe set, HZ530, can be used to locate cable and PC board emission "hot spots" and evaluate EMC problems at the breadboard and prototype level. The combination of HM5010/5011 with the HZ530 is an excellent solution for RF leakage/radiation detection, CATV/MATV system troubleshooting, cellular telephone/pocket pager test, and EMC diagnostics. There is an optional measurement output for a PC which makes documentation of results easy and affordable with the HO500-2 Interface.



Frequency Range 0.15 MHz to 1050MHz
Frequency Resolution displayed 100kHz (4½Digit)
Center Frequency Range 0 to 1050 MHz
Accuracy 100kHz
Stability (Drift): <150kHz / h
Span Zero span; 100kHz/Div to 100MHz/Div in steps of 1-2-5-10
Accuracy 10%
Marker Resolution (Frequency) 4½digits
Marker Accuracy (0.1% span + 100kHz)
Resolution Bandwidth RBW(-3dB): 20kHz, 400kHz
Video Bandwidth VBW: 4kHz, 400kHz
SWT (fixed) 23ms
Measurement Range -100dBm to +13dBm
Displayed Average Noise Level 103dBm (400kHz RBW)
Frequency Response 2 dB (Relative to 500 MHz, ATTN 10 dB)
Input Attenuator Range 0dB to 40dB, 10 dB steps
Accuracy (reference level): 2 dB
Maximum Safe Input Level
Attenuator setting 20dB +20 dBm (0,1W)
Attenuator setting 0dB +10 dBm
DC 25 V
Display Range 80 dB, 8 Divisions
Scale Units dBm
Reference Level -27,-17,-7, +3 and +13dBm
Res. Bandwidth Switching Uncertainty 1dB
Spurious responses
Intermodulation (3rd Order): -75 dBc  /  (2 Signals, 27 dBm each, Frequency distance >3MHz)
Harmonic Distortion (2nd, 3rd): < -75 dBc
Absolute Amplitude Accuracy 2.5 dB
AM-Demodulator Ear Phones
Probe Power 6V (Close Field Probes)
General Information
Display CRT 6 inch, 8 x 10 div. intern. graticule
Trace rotation Adjustable on front panel
Line voltage 115 / 230V 10%, 50-60Hz
Power consumption approx. 34W
Operating ambient temperature 10XC..+40XC
Protective system Safety Class I (IEC 1010-1)
Cabinet: W 285, H 125, D 380 mm
Weight  approx. 7kg

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