Semiconductor Curve Tracer CS-3000 Series
(UL approved)


Standard models suitable for parameter measurement of various semiconductors including IGBTs, MOSFETs, transistors and diodes, etc..

·         Max. Peak Voltage : 3,000VHV mode

·         Max. Peak Current : 1,000AHC mode

·         Equipped all models with LEAKAGE mode (Cursor resolution 1pA

·         USB port for display hardcopy, waveform data (CSV format) and measurement setup SAVE/RECALL

·         LAN interface for Remote Control


CS-3100, CS-3200, CS-3300

Easy measurement screen

Graphical configuration screen

Transistor V-I characteristic example (Trace mode)

Configuration screen

Example of V-I characteristic of transistor
(TRACE mode)

Vbe and Ic waveforms in the large current pulse mode (Wave mode)

Vbe · lc waveform (WAVE mode) in high current pulse mode