Analog Oscilloscope, IE-1180

4 sets of Analog Oscilloscope in a compact body. It is the most suitable instrument for a production line which needs several oscilloscopes such as for CD/DVD pick-up.

Front view of IE-1180, Analog Oscilloscope
Rear view of IE-1180, Analog Oscilloscope


  • Waveform Display Ability like analog oscilloscope
  • Space-saving
  • Working efficiency Improvement
  • Low Consumption Power
  • Measure, only 1 screen, to prevent Static Electricity and Leakage
  • High Reliability


Vertical (Y axis)Frequency Bandwidth (3dB)40 MHz100 MHz40 MHz40 MHz
Input ChannelCH1, CH2
Channel On/OffAvailable
Input Sensitivity5 mV/div ~ 5 V/div
Accuracy±2 % ± 1 dot
V VariableAvailable
Offset Range±10div
Input Coupling AC, DC
Input RC1 MΩ ± 2 % // 20 pF ± 2 pF
Maximum Input Voltage±40 V ( DC + AC peak )
Horizontal (X axis)Sweep ModeAutoAuto-Auto
Sweep Time (1-2-5 sequence)1us~500ms/div100ns~500ms/div-1us/div~500ms/div
H VariableAvailable (*1)Available (*1)-Available (*1)
H Delay0~+10div0~+10div-0~+10div
Coupling+ / DC / Edge+ / DC / Edge-+ / DC / Edge
Trigger Level Range±10 div±10 div-±10 div
Minimum Trigger Sensitivity1 div1 div-1 div
Hold OffVariableVariable-Variable
AcquisitionADC25 MSa/s 8 bit
Persistence Time0-8sec0-8sec0-8sec0-8sec
DisplayMethod(Display Resolution)Analog RGB Output (480 x 640 dots)
Display per Window200 x 250 dots (8 div x 10 div)
Marker DisplayTwo Makers display for Vertical and Horizontal each
Display ModeY-T/X-YY-T/X-YX-Y onlyY-T/X-Y
InterfaceUSB1.1 (*2)
Power SupplyInput Voltage /FrequencyAC 100-240 V 50/60Hz
Power ConsumptionMaximum 30 VA
Weight and SizeWeightApprox. 1.8 kg
Dimensions298 X 82.4 X 320 mm
Environmental conditionsPerformance Guaranteed Temperature23 ℃ ± 5 ℃
OptionRemote Panel Board

(*1) Available Range : 10us/div~500ms/div.

(*2) RS-232 is also available.