Optical Transmission Trainer ITF-201


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The lTF-201 teaches students haw optical transmission works. The ITF-201T functions as a transmitter and the ITF-201R functions as a receiver, with an optical fiber connecting the two together.

Contents of Training
Electric/optical and optical/electric converter devices
Analog data transmission using intensity modulation
Digital data transmission using A/D and D/A converters

Operational Amplifier Trainer ITF-202

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The ITF-202 teaches students how an operational amplifier works, how they can evaluate its specifications, as well as the applications it can be used for. Eventually, they will learn how to design an analog circuit using an operational amplifier.


Contents of Training
Power supply section
Amplifier section
Active filter section
Wien bridge oscillator section
Differentiator/integrator section
Test power source section

AD/DA Converter Trainer ITF-203

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The lTF-203 allows students to learn how one of today's most important circuit s -analog to digital conversion and digital to analog conversion- works.


Contents of Training
Successive-approximation A/D conversion
D/A conversion
What vertical resolution is and how it works
What a sampling clock is and how it works
Data communication via a GP-IB or RS-232C interface using a personal computer

Frequency Modulator/Demodulator Trainer ITF-204

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The lTF-204 teaches students about the basic operation of an FM receiver as well as the principles of frequency modulation and demodulation using a radio detector.


Contents of Training
Frequency modulation using a varactor diode
Demodulation using a radio detector

Frequency Modulator/Demodulator Trainer ITF-205

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Using the ITF-205, students will learn how to perform displacement measurement using a laser diode and photodetector (i.e. a digital line sensor).
Well-defined panel layout and test terminals
LED indicators for the photo detector that show the current position of the moving target
Visible laser beam to allow students to easily identify the beam path
Target positioning device for moving the target back and forth slightly


Contents of Training

Principle and application of triangulation measuring method displacement meter which uses

 semiconductor laser and digital line sensor

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