Tone & Pulse Dial AUTO TEST
DTMF Frequency and Level with Multi Impedance
Make-Break ratio and Dial speed
Bell test with Programmable Frequency and Level
Receiving and Transmission test with Artificial Line
Hook Switch Flash Time Test
Pay Phone Auto Test
Line Voltage, Current and Signal Level meter
Digital and Analog Display, R x & T x Monitor Ports
Automatic Go / Nogo test without manual operation
Very Low EMI/TEL Line Noise
Optional Automatic Answering Phone Test & Printer Port

The At2500 Automatic Telephone Analyzer is designed for not only production line but also development of telephone, 

dialer & answering phone, Pay phone test is available.


It can detect DTMF tone or Dial pulse signal and switch to appropriate test automatically without manual switch.


Bell test with preprogrammed ring frequency, level and on/off time for bell sensitivity and response test.


With menu driven programming and Auto-programming easy to preset QC limits of Go/Nogo test and programmable automatic

test procedure enable telephone test without manual operation.


On abnormal operation, error signal is indicated.


With Non-volatile memory, programmed value and test procedure is saved during power fail.


With analog meter, it can be easy and quickly measure variable value of ring voltage, line voltage, loop current, signal level.


Line polarity is reversible, capable of testing pay phone operation.


From 0 to 7 Km line simulation can test the telephone set in different condition.


Pulse dial test
Dial number test:

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 numbers test and display. Displays Error in case of over 10 pulse.

Dial speed test: 6.5 pps - 25.0 pps
M/B range: 20 - 80%
Display: 3 digits
Resolution: 1 digit
Accuracy: 1 digit Max
Inerdigit Time: 150ms Min
DTMF Frequency measurment
Accept Range: Standard frequency 2.5%
Accuracy: 0.1Hz
Resolution: 0.1Hz
Level measurement
Range: 0 dBm to - 25.5 dBm
Accuracy: 0.5 dBm
Two tone level test: test the level  difference  between  LOW  and HIGH group.
Flash time test: 50 - 3000 msec
Line impedance: 600/ 900/Option
Feed voltage: 16 - 96 Vrms
Feed resistance: 2 x 200 ohms
Receiving Test
Supplying signal: 400Hz sine wave (Programmable)

Dial tone continuously output for delay time (Programmable) late then switch to Busy tone

 (Normal, Continuous, Change)

Level: - 6dBm (Programmable)
Transmission test: Meter indication signal level of line 0.1 dBm accuracy.
Bell ringer test
Test mode: Toggle, Auto sweep, Continuous
Frequency: 10Hz to 95Hz with 1Hz step programmable
Level: From 0 to 150 Vrms with 1 Vrms step programmable
On/off time:

0 to 20 second with 1sec. step programmable It will step the

Bell ring output automatically while the hook is off. The time delay of cut off is 50 ms.

Loop indication: LED lamp DTMF dial signaling for TAD testing 
Line Simulation  @
0 to 7Km 1Km step programmable.
QC limits and parameters presetting procedure
Mode: menu driven programming and auto-programming with known-good telephone set.
Pass and sounding system:

It will announce short sound during individual test mode and pass indication on

LCD display after pass all test.

Back lighted 16 x 2digits LCD display and Moving coil meter with ring voltage, loop current, line voltage and signal level scale.

the meter and instrument is fully protected.

Mains: 240V or 120V selectable.
Power: Approx. 30VA
Fuse: Rear panel 1A
Weight: Approx. 6kg
Size: 340W x 130H x 380D (mm)


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