LA Techniques LA19-01-03 Pulse Pattern Generators


LA19-01-03 : Pulse Pattern Generators

3GB Pulse Pattern Generators

The LA19-01-03 is a pseudo random pulse pattern generator capable of operation up to 3 Gb/s. It provides a fast rise time and low pulse distortion.vides a fast rise time and low pulse distortion.

The LA19-15-04 is a fast, general purpose multi-decade signal generator with a wide range of useful features. The instrument is conveniently housed in a small case that includes a mains power supply.

LA19-01-03 Pulse Pattern Generators


LA's pulse pattern generators provide an economical solution for high speed test applications. Each unit can be configured with two user selectable internal clocks in addition to operation with an external clock.


Features Downloads
¡EOperation to 3 Gb/s
¡E45 psrise and fall times
¡ELow skew differential outputs
¡E2 vppoutput amplitude (differential)
¡EGPIB Interface¡ELow cost

Brochure & Technical Specifications

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