Usable with monitor TV set

NTSC and CCIR measurements

Measuring Range   0.05 to 0.3µs
Input Signal Level   0.5 to 3Vp-p
Input Impedance   10k Ohm 10%, unbalanced
Television Signal Mode NTSC : Scanning, 525lines, 60Hz / CCIR : Scanning, 625lines, 50Hz
Indication Multiplier   10 and 30, with manual switching
Marker Generator Range   0.05 to 0.3µs ; continuously variable with on/off switch
Video weighting Filters   Normal ( JVC specification ), low and high ranges and for external filter
Residual jitter   < 0.02µs
Dimensions & Weight   Approx. 360W115H305Dmm P 4.3kg

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