1. Description

The MSG-2170 is an encoder that generates the L-MSK signal required for research and development, production and quality control of the receiving sets for FM multiplex broadcasting. The application software provided as accessory of this encoder, together with an external computer will allow to prepare and edit with ease the characters. graphs and others to to be displayed on the liquid crystal screen of the receiving set for FM multiplex gradating. Downloading the date as prepared and edited to this DARC enables to output DARC format by L-MSK modulation.


2. Features

L-MSK Modulation Signal

AUTO : L-MSK signal, MANUAL : 0% to 25.5%

LED Screen

Characters, etc. to the DARC data can be checked on the LCD screen


High power output 10Vp-p

Max. Frame Number

160 frames

Number of Records

0 to 15 records

External Modulation Input ( DATA-IN, CLOCK-IN )
External Data Input Memory Function
External Multiplex Input
Stereo Modulator Unit ( option )
Decoder Unit ( option )
Error Rate Measuring Function

Prest Function

Up to 100 points can be stored in memory

Interface ; RS-232-C. GP-IB as standard
Data Transfer Function

VICS ( Vehicle Information & Communication System )

application software available ( option )


3. DATA preparation and Edition

    The FM multiplex data output from MSG-2170 can all be prepared on the computer ( NEC, DOS-V ) by the

    application software provided as accessory to cope easily with the movement of FM multiplex toward

    development and diversification. Connection of this encoder with the computer ( RS-232C ) allows to operate the  

    panel face of this encoder on the screen of the computer.
    Uploading and downloading with this encoder enables to make the file management with discs.

4. DARC editor ( an camper of application software accessory to MSG-2170 )

    [ Data can be readily prepared and edited with word processor feeling ]
   The file as prepared on this screen can be down loaded so that the data can be output from this encoder.
   The data head, prefix and the like are selective.

   [ MSG-2170 can be controlled by mouse from personal computer ]
  The Windows display the screen corresponding to the panel face of this encoder.
  Operation by command is possible.

This application, which runs on the MS-Windows 95, can be operated in the environment where MS-Windows 
   version 95 can run. The interface used is serial port RS-232C.
   ( MS-Windows 95 is the trade marks of Microsoft )

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