Carrier Frequency : 10Hz to 99.99kHz

Carrier Frequency Range   10.00Hz to 99.99kHz in four bands
Frequency Stability   210-6 / week at 3kHz
FM Frequency Range   0.1Hz to 30kHz in five bands, 0.01%
Frequency Response   0.1dB
Pulse width   10ms, 30ms, 60ms and 100ms
Frequency Modulation Range   0 to 3.999%
Amplitude Modulation Range   0 to 100%, 4Hz square wave
Output Range   0.01mV to 6.32Vrms, at open circuit
Distortion   < -50dB
Residual FM   < 100dB at 3kHz deviation
Dimensions & Weight   Approx. 430W115H475Dmm P 15kg

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