The MWS-673 is designed for use in accurate calibration of wow flutter meters and VCR and CD jitter meters.
It has a wide range from 10Hz to 1MHz and generates FM, AM & FM-AM signals and can also serve as a function generator.
Phase Lock Loop (PLL) technology has been used in the 10MHz crystal filter, which keeps phase noise extremely low and permits accurate and stable signal generation even at low frequency ranges.
The MWS-673 has a self-calibration function and carries out high precise FM-AM modulation, a presetting function capable of storing all panel functions in memory as sequences of up to 100 steps which can be recalled by a single touch, and a GP-IB interface is built in for external control as standard.

1. Output frequency range is from 10Hz to 1MHz.

2. PLL circuit permits generation of extremely accurate and stable frequencies.

3. Equipped with built-in 0.1Hz to 250kHz modulation signal generator.

4. Internal modulation signal generator produce 3 wave forms: sine, triangular and square waves.

5. Incorporation of calibration circuits permits highly accurate frequency modulation.

6. Equipped with FM, flutter, VCR/CD jitter frequency modulation modes for frequency modulation.

7. Capable of amplitude modulation up to 100%.

8. Equipped with simplified synchronous signal generator for video use (NTSC/PAL switching system).

Carrier frequency
Range   10Hz to 1MHz
Accuracy   510-6
Stability   210-6/WEEK
Internal modulating signal
Range   0.1Hz to 250kHz
Accuracy   0.01%
Stability   510-5/WEEK
Frequency characteristics   0.1dB at 1Hz to 10kHz / 0.5dB at 0.1Hz to 250kHz
Distortion factor   -50dB or less at 10Hz to 3kHz
Waveform   Sine waves, Triangular waves, Square waves
Pulse characteristics measurement
Pulse duration   100mS, 60mS, 30mS, 10mS
Accuracy   1%
Pulse polarity   Positive/Negative changeover switch
Repetitive frequency   1Hz 1%
Frequency modulation
Range   0 to 3% of carrier frequency
Accuracy   1% for a deviation 3%
Resolution   0.01%
External modulation of FM
Frequency range   10Hz to 250kHz
Accuracy   5%
Amplitude modulation
Range  0 to 100%
Accuracy   2% for a deviation 30%
Resolution   0.1%
External modulation of AM
Frequency range   DC to 10kHz
Accuracy   5%
Range   0.01mV to 3.16Vrms with open end
Accuracy   2% at 10mV and more
Flatness   0.5dB at 10Hz to 100kHz / 1.5dB at 1kHz to 1MHz
Output impedance   50 Ohm 10% unbalanced
Harmonic distortion   -30dBc or less
Non-harmonic distortion   -60dBc or less
VCR synchronizing signal
TV mode   NTSC/PAL, with changeover switch
Calibration signal for CD jitter meters
Calibration signal   1, 2, 3, 4 (3T)
Self-calibration function
Method   Carrier null method using 10MHz crystal filter
GP-IB conforms to IEE-STD-488-1978
Operating temperature rang   +5~+35ºC
Operating voltage   AC100V, 115V, 215V, 230V 10%
Power consumption   Approx. 35VA
Frequency   50/60Hz
Dimensions Approx.   280(W)150(H)300(D) mm
Weight   Approx. 6kg

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