MSA338TG Handheld spectrum analyzer
  Specifications Outline  

TG (tracking geberator) function was built into the current model MSA338. It is "3.3GHz Spectrum Analyzer with TG/MSA338TG". This model enables the measurement and evaluation of the amplitude frequency characteristics such as filter , amplifier , other electric components and circuit because of a tracking generator. Of course, all functions of MSA338 are completely usable.


  Measurement by Tracking Generator    

* About Tracking Generator

The tracking generator is a signal source which generates the sine wave synchronized with the sweep of the spectrum analyzer. For example, the tracking generator outputs 1MHz . The 1GHz is output when the 1GHz is swept as well. Therefore, the amplitude frequency characteristics of various electronic components and circuits can be observed on the screen without any troublesome operation.

  Frequency response of filter    

The input and the output of a filter are connected to TG OUT and RF IN respectively. The frequency response of a filter can be observed in the range of 5MHz to 3.3GHz.

  Gain characteristics of amplifier    

The frequency response of the active circuit such as an amplifier besides the passive circuit such as LC filter can be measured. The gain frequency characteristics of an amplifier is shown in the below figure as a measurement example.

  Return loss measurement    

The return loss of electric component and circuit can be measured by preparing the VSWR bridge separately.