Spectrum Analyzer ISA-30 ISA-80 ISA-132 ISA-256


  ISA Series - Spectrum Analyzer
Main Feature
1kHz ~ 3/8/13.2/26.5GHz Frequency Range
Powerful RF performance, Phase Noise -115dBc/Hz, DANL -145dBm/Hz
Minimum 1Hz Resolution Bandwidth
Standard 10MHz Bandwidth Digitizer
Remote control via LAN, GPIB, RS232C
High accuracy & Fast measurement speed with the newest digital IF technology
7” Wide Touch Screen
Standard Removable Hard disk
Basic Digital modulation analysis, EMC, Wibro/WiMAX, ?etc. customized applications
Optional Battery pack & DC Power supply
Portability based on Light & Compact design
High performance Spectrum Analyzer with the widest 30MHz bandwidth digitizer based on the newest Digital Processing & RF Technology
- Frequency : 1kHz ~ 3/8/13.2/26.5GHz
- Phase noise : -115dBc/Hz (Typical)
- TOI : +15dBm (Typical)
- DANL : -145dBm/Hz (Typical)
- RBW : 1Hz to 5MHz, VBW : 1Hz ~ 3MHz
Various Applications  
Various Applications optimized for the developing Wireless & Mobile communication and RF measurement
- EMC (for pre-compliance)
- D-CATV (From 2009)
- Basic digital modulation analysis
Useful customized measurement functions and tools for individual customer’s requirements
- Phase noise measurement
- Pulse measurement
- Multi channel power measurment
- CCDF measurement
- TOI measurement
- Amplitude Correction Factors (Antenna, Cable…)
Interface &
Various interfaces such as LAN, GPIB, RS-232C based on Windows XP OS. Its powerful Web-server functions enables the users to access and control to the Equipment anytime anywhere remotely.
- LAN, GPIB, USB 2.0, RS232C, Paralell Interface
- Standard removable HDD
- VGA output, Audio
- Labview, LabWindows, IVI Driver, SCPI Commands
- All printer drivers supported on Windows XP
Anti-virus &
Data recovery
Anti-virus and system recovery program to protect a Virus input through internet from out side server.
- System recovery (Phenix Recover pro 6)
- Anti-virus program (Kaspersky)
- Standard removable hard disk