NS-30A / NS-132A / NS-265A Spectrum Analyzers


  NSA Series Spectrum Analyzer
1kHz ~ 3GHz/13.2GHz/26.5GHz frequency measurement range
6.4 inch color TFT LCD screen of high resolution
Wide input signal +30dBm to -110dBm
Built-in memory to store up to 1,000 measurement results
Minimum 10Hz resolution bandwidth with DRBW option
AM/FM Demodulation
Auto tune function
Peripheral Interface : USB 1.0 / RS-232C / GPIB
PC Interface program provided basically
Channel Power(CHP)
Channel Power of digital mobile communication signal can be measured easily. The waveform and measured result are displayed automatically when setting the channel bandwidth with simple operation.
Occupied Bandwidth(OBW)
Occupied Bandwidth allows the user to check the frequency band width which covers a certain percentage of the displayed signal. The result of the OBW will be shown as the total power.
 Adjacent Channel Power(ACP)
When the user measures the CDMA signal, ACP allows the user to check the interference between a specific channel and the adjacent channels. This function is indispensable for the telecommunication operator and base-station maintenance service provider.
Built-in Frequency Counter(F/C)
Built-in frequency counter measures the frequency by moving the marker to the signal and displays the result on the screen. (Resolution set-up : 1Hz ~ 1KHz)
As many as nine markers can be displayed at one time showing the frequencies and levels of each markers selected. This feature allows multiple signals to be evaluated simultaneously. The results of each markers can be sorted and listed in order on the screen.
This function allows to make an automatic pass/fail test by setting the limit line. The pass sign will be displayed when the signal is normal within the limit area.
Auto tune(Auto set)
Auto tune searches the maximum level signal automatically and Auto-set function sets the optimal status to measure the unknown signal.

Maximum 1,000 waveforms can be saved in the internal memory and recalled or transferred to 3.5กจ floppy disk by built-in FDD for PC use.

Standard RS-232 software provides and easy-to use interface with PC via RS-232 or GPIB for signal capture, analysis and documentation.
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