Type 1600M     Microphone Measuring System


Main Functions

TYPE 1600M can test the frequency responseimpedancesensitivity & polarity of all kinds of microphones , can make auto-sorting according to sensitivityauto-judging PASS  /  FAILauto-statistics functionresults printable.

Any type of microphones, including Electret Condenser Microphone(ECM), Dynamic, Piezo, Ceramic and Carbon Microphones.


Catalogue    Example of Testing Screen


The fundamental combination of Type 1600 M


Model No.

Description Usage


160 A

Electro acoustic Analyzer

Mainframe. To control  and process the inputoutput signal.


Monitor & Keyboard

High Resolution Color Display Monitor & Keyboard

Display the tested results & data and key in data. User may buy these two items at his local market, since price is cheaper and can save freight charge and import tax.



Microphone Amplifier

Combines with 160 mainframe, to test the freq. response curvesensitivity and impedance etc. of the microphone.



Reference Sound Source

Combines with the measuring (feedback) microphone 8120H, to provide a flat sound field for testing the  microphone.



Measuring Microphone

Its frequency response curve is very flatprecise and stable, can test the freq. response curve and sensitivity of the loudspeaker, or can be used as a feedback microphone.


X-Y Mouse


Replace the upward, downward, leftward, rightward and enter keys on the keyboard.


HP Printer

( Option )

Printer (All the HP DeskJet or HP Laser Printers that are supported by DOS can all be used.)

Print out the tested results & data.


Functions and Specifications of  Type 1600 M

In 1600M, a flat sound field is generated by the feedback compressor loop, which is formed by main units 160+165, measuring microphone 8120H and reference sound source 8122A, for the measurement of microphones under test.

(1)   1 kHz sensitivity : Test range = -30 dB V/μbar to -100 dB V/μbar ( -10 dB V/Pa to -80 dB V/Pa ).

Tolerance : +/- 0.6 dB (including the tolerance of 8120H).


(2)   Upper and lower limits of 1 kHz sensitivity : Can be set to any values between +/- 0.2 to +/- 9.9 dB.

 Automatic judgment.


(3)   Automatic sorting according to sensitivity : Ten groups. The intervals can be set by the user, ranging from

0.2 dB to 6 dB. The statistic results will be displayed immediately.


(4)   Frequency response : Sweep range can be set from any two frequencies between 50 Hz to 20 kHz. The upper

 and lower limits of the frequency response can be set by the user.  The PASS/FAIL judgment is performed

 automatically. Two response curves can be stored (in two colors) for comparison purpose. The dB value of a curve

 at any frequency can be read out.


(5)   Frequency intervals : Can be chosen from (a) fast, 1/12 Oct.; (b) middle, 1/24 Oct.; and (c) slow, 1/48 Oct.


(6)   Polarity : Automatic determination of the polarity of the microphone. This test is valid only when the distance

 between the sound source and the microphone under test is smaller than 20 cm (i.e. near field test). It is void in far

 field test (ordinarily = 50 cm).


(7)   Impedance at 1 kHz : Ranging from 80Ω to 120 kΩ, automatically ranging.

Tolerance: 80Ω to 50kΩ, +/- (1.5%+2Ω)

50kΩ to 120kΩ, +/- 3%


(8)   Test angle : Consists of  0°‚ 0°→180°‚ 0°→90°→180° three kinds of test angle,  which can be chosen from the

 operation software.


(9)   Test speed : In 1/12 octave, 0°condition, totally only 3.6 second is required for testing its sensitivity at 1 kHz,

 frequency response curve, sensitivity sorting, impedance at 1 kHz, polarity determination, and judgment of

 PASS/FAIL. This is in the case of 50 Hz to 20kHz range. If narrower range is chose, the speed will be further



(10) Easy to use : User can use the instrument without training, even the user may have only a little knowledge

about the computer.


(11) Statistics :

(A) Statistic analysis of the number and percentage of passed and failed products.

(B) Ten groups according to the sensitivity at 1 kHz. The statistic results will be analyzed automatically.


(12)  Print out : A printer (option) can be connected to Model-160 to print out the test report of above items

(1) to (8) and (11). (All the HP DeskJet or HP Laser Printers that are supported by DOS can all be used.)

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