TC-5910D RF Shield Box

  RF Shield Box - Shielded Enclosure




                               Front View

               Rear View

TC-5910D Shield Box provides RF isolation and signal connections necessary for mobile testing. With the RF coupling accessory and filtered control ports, TC-5910D makes an ideal solution for testing mobiles, Bluetooth, DAB/DMB, RFID, Zigbee and small RF devices on the test benches of manufacturing, R&D, service, and QC.
  • Reliable High RF Shielding up to 2.5GHz

  • Manual operation

  • 2 RF ports and 2 EMI filtered data ports

  • Shock absorber on lid


Target devices: mobile phones, Bluetooth and similar devices

Customizable signal connections:

                                          Device control data

                                          RF probe signal  

                                          Test Fixture



Shielding effectiveness: > > 70dB, from DC to 2.5GHz, including 1000pF pi filter

M591011A Module         DB9(p) outside and DB9(s) inside, 1000pF pi filter

                                 DB25(p) outside and DB25(s) inside, 1000pF pi filter
Inner Dimension:          130(W) x 235(D) x 138(H) mm
Outer Dimension:          207(W) x 424(D) x 170(H) mm
Weight:                      4 kg (8.82lbs)
Packed Weight: approx. 6 kg

Accessories supplied:    4002-0002, RG223, N(m) to N(m) cable, 1m, 1pc.

                                 4003-0004, DB9(p) to DB9(s) cable, 1m, 1pc.

                                 4003-0005, DB25(p) to DB25(s) cable, 1m, 1pc.