TC-5010 Mini Tem Cell



    Shield Box for 802.11a/b  WAN/ PCMCIA / PCI 


This low cost, high quality device is the results of many years of experience in RF test fixture research and design.  The TC-5912C Shield Box provides RF isolation and signal connections necessary for 802.11a / 802.11b Wireless LAN testing. Both Mini-PCI and PCMCIA standards are currently supported. With a multitude of RF coupling accessories and filtered control ports, the TC-5912C makes an ideal solution for W-LAN testing.

  • High RF shielding

  • Manual operation

  • 2 RF ports, 100 pin to 100 pin and RJ45 port

  • Easily customizable to meet various test  

  • Shielding Effectiveness: >  55dB, 2.5 GHz

                                         >  45dB, 5.8 GHz

  • RF connectors:  2 Type-N Female Outside, (SMA female Inside)

  • Data connectors: 100 pin to 100 pin RF filtered-red (10pF) and RJ-45               

  • Inner Dimension: 140(W) x 244(l) X 119(H) mm  {5.51"(W) x 9.60"(L) x 4.68"(H)}

  • Outside Dimension: 205(W) x 418(L) x 152.5(H) mm {8.07"(W) x 16.45"(L) x 6.00"(H)}

  • Weight without accessories: 4.7 kg (10.36lbs)

  • Accessories Supplied:  Type N to N RF Cable, USB Adaptor Cable,  RJ-45 Cable








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