TC-5915A Shield box


TC-5915A Shield box


TESCOM TC -5915A Shield Box provides RF isolation and signal connections nesessary for mobile testing. With the RF coupling accessory and filtered control ports, TC -5915A makes an ideal solution for testing mobiles and small RF devices on the test benches fo R&D, service, and QC and manufacturing.


  • Reliable High RF Shielding up to 2.5GHz            
  • Manual operation   
  • Easily customizable to meet various test needs       
  • Shock Abosrber on lid                                             


  • Shielding Effectiveness : >70dB, from DC to 2.5GHz, including M591502B
  • Inner Dimension : 220(W)280(D)170(H) mm
  • Outer Dimension : 310(W)475(D)220(H) mm
  • Weight : approx. 7kg


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