Power Analyzer - 2802 , 2801   High Performance Power Analyzer - 2503AH   Phase Angle Voltmeter - 6250
Xitron Power Analyzer Xitron High Performance Power Analyzer Xitron Phase Angle Voltmeter
Xitron 2802 and 2801 are ideal analyzers for standby power or Energy Star testing.   18 Bit, 500 KHz sampling speed provides 0.05% basic accuracy , Ultratast FFT's per channel produce measurements in 10ms   The 6250 comes pre-configured for most LVDT/RVDT tests, and is ready to go right out of the box.
Power Quality Analyzer - XT3561   LED Electronic Load - XT9812   Digital Milliohmmeter - XT560
Xitron Power Quality Analyzer Xitron LED Electronic Load Xitron Digital Milliohmmeter
The XT3561 is a 3-phase testing and analyzing device for power quality applications. It provides multiple modes for analyzing harmonics/voltage/current/frequency, 3-phase unbalance, power and energy, data recording, swells/dips, flicker, surge and more.   XT9812 DC Electronic Load is a new generation product from XiTRON. The XT9812 is designed for LED driver or DC Power Supply applications. There is a special circuit that has been designed primarily for the LED driver. The design utilizes high-performance semiconductors that are high speed and high accuracy, with resolutions of 0.1 mV and 0.01 mA (the basic accuracy is 0.03%, the basic current rise speed is 2.5 A/us).   XT560 Digital Milliohmmeter is a dedicated, fully automatic instrument that selects the optimal test current, from 100nA to 100mA DC to accurately measure resistances from 10μΩ to 33MΩ. The XT560 will auto range between 9 ranges, or can be manually set to a fixed range.