3346A CD player evaluating filter

The 3346A consists of the filters and the amplifiers that is essential for measuring dynamic range, harmonic distortion ratio, channel separation, and cross modulation distortion ratio.



Input CH Number 1 ( To be L/R channel switched )
Input Impedance 1M[ / 10k[ ( single-ended, to be switched )
Output Impedance 100[ or less ( single-ended )
Input Voltage 2Vrms 2mVrms
Lowpass Filter Outoff Frequency 20kHz ( Nominal Value )
Passband Gain at 1kHz 0 0.1dB 0 0.2dB 60 0.2dB
Attenuation in high F range 60dB or more ( 24.1kHz to 1MHz )
Attenuation in low F range According to IEC-651-A DC Pass According to IEC-651-A 6dB/oct -3dB at 4Hz
Passband Ripple DC to 20kHz Within 0.2dBp-p
Dist. Factor  1
at 1kHz

0.0005% or less

0.0004% typ

0.0014% or less

0.0007% typ

0.0008% or less

0.0006% typ

0.5% or less

0.3% typ

1% or less

0.5% typ

at 20kHz

0.0015% or less

0.0001% typ

0.0023% or less

0.0017% typ

0.0011% or less

0.0008% typ

1% or less

0.5% typ

0.7% less

0.3% typ

Noise Level 10HZ to 500kHz

5gVrms or less

4gVrms typ

8gVrms or less

5.6gVrms typ

12gVrms or less

5mVrms typ

6mVrms or less

5mVrms typ

13mVrms or less

10mVrms typ

S/N For 2Vrms Output

112dB or more 114dB typ

108dB or more 111dB typ

104dB or more 107dB typ

CH-SEP 2 100dB or more110dB typ
Measurement Item Selection By Front Panel Push Buttons or External Control
Ambient Temp For Operation 0 to 40XC
Power Requirements AC100V 10% 48 to 62Hz ( can be modified to 120V, 220V, 240V ) 10VA approx
Dimensions 215 (W) x 88 (H) x 330 (D)mm (Excluding Protrutions)

1 Reference: Filter / IN, Input voltage / 2Vrms output of 1kHz in THRU.

2 Reference: Crosstalk (up to 2kHz) of  RL and LR / 2Vrms

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