NF 5010A FRA5020A Frequency Response Analyzer


Suitable for manufacturing line

10mHz to 20kHz GO-NO judgement
10 spot frequencies Low price


For versatile use

10mHz to 20kHz
Equalizer function
Built-in CRT
Graph display (Bod, Nyquist and Nicols diagramas and values)


5010A FRA5020A
Frequency resolution 4 digits 4 digits
Output waveform
Output voltage 10mV to 5Vrms 10mV to 5Vrms
Isolation voltage - -
No. of input channel 2 2
Input voltage range selection Auto ranging Auto ranging
Isolation voltage 14.2V (floating) 14.2V (floating)
Analysis mode CH1/OSC, CH1/CH2 CH1/OSC, CH1/CH2
DC bias elimination Automatically eliminated over the entire frequency range
Integration cycles 1 to 100 1 to 100
Judgement function UNDER, GO and OVER -
Display device Indicator tube CRT (green)
Display mode log R • c, numerical Nyquist, Bode and Nichols diagram, numerical
External display device - video printer, plotter (HPGL)
Memory 10 spots 10 panel settings and 2 measurement data
Interface GPIB GPIB
Power requirements AC100, 120, 220 or 240V switchable AC100, 120, 220 or 240V switchable
Dimensions (mm) 432(W) X 132.5(H) X 400(D)
Weight Approx. 9.5kg Approx. 12.5kg