5080 Frequency Response Analyzers



A frequency response analyzer measures the gain and phase response characteristics with respect to frequency of the device or system under test, by applying a frequency swept sine-wave to it and examining its response signal.
Featured wide dynamic range realizes high precise measurement, and also ultra low frequency measurement.


5010A Suitable for manufacturing line
  • 10mHz to 20kHz
  • 10 spot frequency
  • with GO-NO judgement function
5020 For versatile use
  • 10mHz to 20kHz
  • Built-in CRT
  • output of video printer
  • Equalizer function
5080 For high frequency
  • 0.1mHz to 2.2MHz
  • Isolation Voltage 300V
  • Auto integration function, Auto high density sweep function, Amplitude compression function, Equalizer function, Direct plot




Model 5010A 5020 5080
Frequency range 10mHz to 20kHz 10mHz to 20kHz 0.1mHz to 2.2MHz


Frequency resolution 4 digits 4 digits 4 digits
Output waveform , ,
Output voltage 10mV to 5Vrms 10mV to 5Vrms 1mV to 10.0Vo-p
Isolation voltage - - 500V to chassis
300V to analysis input


No. of input channel 2 2 2
Input voltage range selection Auto ranging Auto ranging Auto ranging
Max. input voltage : 300Vo-p (AC+DC)
Isolation voltage 14.2V (floating) 14.2V (floating) 500V to chassis
300V to oscillator common
Analysis mode CH1/OSC, CH1/CH2 CH1/OSC, CH1/CH2 CH1, CH2, CH1/CH2, CH2/OSC
DC bias elimination Automatically eliminated over the entire frequency range
Integration cycles 1 to 100 1 to 100 1 to 9999 cycles
Judgement function UNDER, GO and OVER - -
Display device Indicator tube CRT (green) LCD
Display mode log R • c, numerical Nyquist, Bode and Nichols diagram, numerical a•b, R • c , log R • c , numerical


External display device - video printer, plotter (HPGL) plotter (HPGL)
Memory 10 spots 10 panel settings and 2 measurement data 10 panel settings and 2 measurement data
Power requirements AC100, 120, 220 or 240V switchable AC100, 120, 220 or 240V switchable AC90 to 132V, 180 to 250V switchable
Dimensions (mm) 432(W) X 132.5(H) X 400(D) 432(W) X 132.5(H) X 400(D) 432(W) X 177(H) X 550(D)
Weight approx. 9.5kg approx. 12.5kg approx. 17kg

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