Frequency Response Analyzers FRA50952.2MHz / 509615MHz


Measurement frequency FRA 5096 : 0.1mHz to 15MHz / FRA 5095 : 0.1mHz to 2.2MHz
Gain accuracy¡Ó0.05dB Phase accuracy ¡Ó0.3¢X

Dynamic range more than 140dB

Isolation Voltage 250Vrms

Bode plot, Nyquist plot, Nichols plot and Cole-Cole plot output are available

Auto integration, amplitude condensation, arithmetic function

Color LCD display & FDD

Built-in printer

Software for reading data files


Applications For all kinds of frequency response measurement including servo characteristics

Servo characteristics measurement of magnetic disk and photo disk

This is transfer function measurement related servo , controlling the pick-up\ of magnetic disk/ photo disk. It measures open loop characteristics under normal performance. It can also measure the phase of high gain area in stabilized condition because of its higher noise eliminating capacity, with measurement in dynamic range of more than 140dB using auto ranging operation at every measuring frequency.


Impedance measurement for piezo-electric element
This measures the electric resonance characteristics of piezo electric element such as used for piezo-electric actuator etc.
FRA can provide frequency resolution precisely of specified frequency range, different from FFT, and then the detailed characteristics of resonance area are known because of high phase accuracy ,¡Ó0.3¢X.
By combination with power amplifier ,large amplitude can also be measured, not only small amplitude.



Loop response measurement of switching power supply
For evaluating the dynamic stability of switching power supply.
As both of signal source and measured terminal are isolated, even DC area which is added can be freely connected. It also can measure the effect of phase compensation circuit clearly.



Internal resistor measurement for electric double layer condenser

This is internal resistor measurement of electric which is located between condenser and battery. FRA can measure with max.0.1mHz resolution, and then Faraday impedance analysis is also possible to be executed by Cole-Cole Plot (complex impedance display).
Furthermore it is possible to measure with switching charge and discharge under large current because of strong protection from disturbance.





FRA 5096 VS FRA5095
¡@ FRA 5096 FRA 5095
Model Frequency Response Analyzer Frequency Response Analyzer
Frequency range 0.1mHz to 15MHz 0.1mHz to 2.2MHz
Output waveform Sine wave, Square wave, Triangle wave
Frequency range Sine wave: FRA 5096 0.1mHz to 15MHz / FRA 5095 0.1mHz to 2.2MHz
Square, Triangle wave: 0.1mHz to 100kHz
Setting Resolution: 0.1mHz
Amplitude AC:  0V to 10.V peak (No load)
DC: -10.0V to 10.0V
Frequency sweep Logarithmic sweep: 3 to 20,000 steps/sweep or to 20,000 steps/decade
Linear sweep: 3 to 20,000 steps/sweep or to 15MHz/steps(FRA5096) or 0.1mHz to 2.2MHz/steps(FRA5095)
Automatic high density sweep is available
Isolation voltage 250Vrms (input vs. chassis, vs. analysis section)
Analysis Section
Number of input channels 2 channels (CH-1, CH-2)
Isolation voltage 250Vms (input vs. chassis, vs. oscillator output, and to analysis part input)
Amplitude range Auto-ranging, Max 250Vrms
Max. input voltage AC + DC 350V peak
DC bias elimination Automatically eliminate up to value without error
Dynamic range no less than 140dB (10Hz to 1MHz)
Delay function 0 to 9,999 sec., 0 to 9,999 cycle
Integration function 0 to 9,999., 1 to 9,999 cycle
Available Automatic integration
Amplitude compression function Automatically control the amplitude of oscillator for keeping the input level of analysis constant
Other functions Equalize function, Harmonic analysis function
Analysis mode Ratio: CH1/CH2, CH2/CH1
Level: CH1, CH2
Arithmetic function

Arithmetic operation, Sencod-differentiation, Integration, Double integration,

Open loop to closed loop conversion

Closed loop to open loop conversion

Measurement error
CH1/CH2 mode 20kHz or less 500kHz or less 2.2MHz or less 2.2MHz more*
a, b, R +/-0.5% +/-1% +/-10% +/-25%
logR +/-0.05dB +/-0.1dB +/-1dB +/-2dB
Phase +/-0.3 deg +/-0.5 deg +/-2 deg +/-5 deg
Display Section
Display 6.5inch, Color LCD
Graph display

Bode plot/Nyquist plot/Nichols plot/Cole-Cole plot

(Reading and ayto-scale are available with use of the cursor)

External memory
Media Floppy disk (3.5inch 2HD 1.44MB)
Disk format Compatible with Windows
Memory contents Setting conditions, Measurement data
Thermal printer LCD screen hardcopy
GPIB Setting conditions, Inquiry of conditions & data, Instructions
Plotter output Hardcopy on LCD screen
DC source output connector for 5055, +/-24V, Max.100mA
Power requirement AC100V/120V/230V +/-10% 48 to 62Hz
FRA5096Max. 100VA, FRA5095Max. 80VA
Temperature & humidity 5 deg C to +40 deg C, 10% to 85%RH ( with no dew condensation )
Dimensions (mm) 434 (W) *177 (H) *500 (D) ( projection excepted )
Weight Approx. 15kg
Accessories one copy of instruction manual, a power supply cable ( 3pole, 2m ), a power supply plug converter, a fuse, three pieces pieces of signal cable ( BNC-BNC ), a type T divider, a thermal paper, the file read-out software ( floppy disk, 3.5inches )
Impedance display function (option)
Model no. PA-001-0373 for FRA5096
Model no. PA-001-0341 for FRA5095
Option accessories
High withstand voltage clip set ( 3 pcs pair ) model no.: PA-001-0419
High withstand voltage clip cable set ( small ) ( 3 pcs pail ) model no.: PA-001-0420
High withstand voltage clip cable set ( large ) ( 3 pcs pail ) model no.: PA-001-0421
Alligator clip cable set ( large ) ( 3 pcs pair ) model no.: PA-001-0422
High withstand voltage BNC adapter ( T-branch ) model no.: PC-001-4503
High withstand voltage BNC cable model no.: PC-002-3347
High withstand volage plug-receptacle BNC cable model no.: PC-007-0364
Printer paper (10 rolls ) model no.: PC-007-0382

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