Newtons4th N4L PSM2201 Frequency Response Analyzer


PSM2201: Frequency Response Analyzer

Veqtor: 10gHz V 2.4MHz Phase Sensitive Multimeter

Veqtor is a high accuracy phase sensitive multimeter, which incorporates several sophisticated measurement functions under DSP control, including vector analysis, frequency response analysis, LCR analysis and phase measurement. Phase accuracy is better than 0.1X at 100kHz, and 1X at 1MHz; tan of the angle is resolved to 0.0001 - DFT analysis gives excellent results even with distorted signals.

Despite its sophisticated measurement capability, it is very easy to use. The versatile graphic display allows results to be viewed as graphs or tables, multiple data values or large single values.

In either 19" rack or space-saving tower versions and with its wide range of accessories, PSM2201 Veqtor provides the solution to many demanding measurement applications.


PSM 2201 Tower

Typical applications

PSM 2201 Rack-Mount version

- Electronic R&D - Production test (manual and ATE)
- Field service - University research and teaching
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- Phase accuracy better than 0.1X at 100kHz and better than 1X at 1MHz (same range). - Parallel and series LCR, phase, tand and Q factor. Displays and prints sweep results.
- Convenient tower format lifts display and keyboard above leads, or 19" rack format. - Continuously variable generator frequency, or uses test circuit frequency.
- In-phase and quadrature magnitudes, ratio, phase, LVDT measurement. - Magnitudes, gain, dB and phase. Displays and prints bode plots.
- True rms, oscilloscope, harmonics & thd. - 1mV to 10V peak isolated input ranges.
- Data streaming to 1500 readings/s. - Tan of angle resolved to 0.0001.
- 100gHz to 2.4MHz frequency range. - RS232 and printer port; IEEE488 option.
- Graphic electroluminescent display.  

Brochure & Technical Specifications

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This product is designed, manufactured & supported in the UK. All measurements are traceable to UKAS, certificates of conformance and calibration are supplied as standard. Our products are CE marked.

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