Newtons4th SLM2200: Dual frequency, automatic centering Selective Level Meter


SLM2200: Dual frequency, automatic centering

Selective Level Meter

A versatile DFT analysis instrument (Discrete Fourier Transform) using DSP & FPGA technology with modern analogue techniques for optimum performance, speed of measurement and convenience.

Dual frequency selective level meter

The SLM2200 uses powerful DSP analysis to deliver accurate measurements quickly and easily. Believed to be the only dual frequency selective level meter available, it simultaneously analyses for two independent frequency components. The noise rejection of the processing allows signals to be measured even when buried in wideband noise. True real-time processing (no missed data) with a selectable filter time constant allows measurements to be made even with varying signals. The isolation of the inputs allows connection of the SLM2200 in any environment up to 500V cat II.

Automatic tuning

The automatic tuning algorithm scans a frequency range for two frequency components. The SLM2200 then tunes the center of the passbands to the frequency of the two components present using a series of narrowing sweeps with increasing resolution. Once the frequencies have been determined, the magnitudes are monitored and displayed in real time.

Easy to use

Despite it's sophisticated measurement capability it is very easy to use. The versatile graphic display allows results to be viewed as graphs, multiple data values, or large single values as appropriate.


SLM2200 dual-frequency, auto-centering selective level meter


The graphic display is easy to read

- Measures frequency and magnitude of two unrelated frequency components, even when lost in noise. - Two isolated input channels rated at 500V cat II.
- Scans frequency range then centres automatically on the largest peaks. - Also includes 2 channel wideband true RMS voltmeter and DSO.
- Generator includes FSK simulation. - 10£gV to 500V peak signal input range.
- 10mHz to 2MHz frequency range. - Magnitude displayed in dBm or V.
- Graphic electroluminescent display. - Audible signal on any measurement.
- Convenient, portable tower format. - RS232 and printer port.
- Selectable bandwidth.  
The generator on the SLM2200 uses high-speed direct digital synthesis (DDS) to provide a variety of waveforms.  
FSK Applications

A range of display modes


A typical application for the SLM2200 is in testing of FSK telemetry. Traditionally, to measure the frequency and magnitude of the two frequency components the transmitter would have to be forced to transmit all 'ones' or all 'zeroes' in turn, and the measurements made on signals significantly greater than the noise floor. Using the SLM2200, the signals may be measured for both frequency and magnitude of the two components simultaneously at the receiver without changing the transmitter, even if the signals are noisy.


This product is designed, manufactured & supported in the UK. All measurements are traceable to UKAS, certificates of conformance and calibration are supplied as standard. Our products are CE marked.

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