2503AH High Performance Power Analyzer

Vitreks High Performance Power Analyzer provides high bandwidth to 500kHz and typical 0.05% accuracy. The measurement channels can be configured independently (asynchronous or synchronous) allowing the instrument to be setup for your specific needs.


2503AH Power Analyzers are perfect for motor, lighting, power conversion and appliance test and development applications.

The 2503AH Analyzers measure power, voltage, and current up to 500 kHz with premier precision. Available parameters include V, A, W, Power Factor, Crest Factor, K Factor, THD, Harmonics, Phase, VA, VAR, W.Hr, Triplens, Impedance, Inrush, Mean-Peak Values, Efficiency- Loss, etc.

Vitrek power analysis instruments have set the standard for production testing. Independent channel control and unparalleled flexibility and speed have made the 2503AH-3CH the instrument of choice in 3-phase power analysis. The 2503AH-1CH/2CH offers cost effective solutions for single or two-phase application such as power supply and appliance testing.

Product Features and Benefits

18-bit, 500 kHz sampling speed provides 0.05% basic accuracy

Ultrafast FFTs per channel produce measurements in 10ms

3000 V Peak, 50 Amp Peak measurable with internal shunt and optional internal Hall effect CTs*

Pre-configured for ballast, motor, power supply and appliance tests

Real-time, ultra-fast, harmonic analysis

Application Specific Configurations

External CT and PT capability ratio: 0.000001- 1000000 to 1, for A/V, A/A or V/V

Frequency Measurement: 500 gHz to 170kHz, 0.01% of reading

Measurement Period: User defined from 1 mSec to 27.8 hours

Watt, VA & VAR accuracy highest of V* Amp error or Amp* V error yields max. error for either Watts, VA, or VAR

Accumulation accuracy WHr, VAHr, AHr up to 9999.9 GWHr/GVAHr

Timing Accuracy: 0.01% + 10 mSec. start/stop error