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The LA19-13-03 is our latest PC-driven Vector Network Analyser. It provides great flexibility,¬†fast speed and wide dynamic range. It is useful for measuring a wide range of devices from 300 kHz to 8 GHz with 10 Hz resolution.   a multi-decade signal generator capable of operation to 8 GHz. Our new versatile and affordable LA19-15-04 instrument operates from 300 kHz to 8 GHz with sub Hz step size and with a 10 ppm settling time of 45 us for any size tuning step. It provides 0.1 Hz resolution, +17 dBm output with 30 dB of amplitude control.   LA's pulse pattern generators provide an economical solution for high speed test applications. Each unit can be configured with two user selectable internal clocks in addition to operation with an external clock.