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Vector Network Analysers


Vector Network Analysers - LA19-13-04B , LA19-13-04A , LA19-13-04,

The LA19-13-04B is a USB Vector Network Analyser providing professional grade performance in a compact and light package. As for the other LA instruments, it provides great flexibility including our unique Save on Trigger facility, mixer measurement capability, fast speed and wide dynamic range.
It is useful for measuring a wide range of devices from 300 kHz to 8.5 GHz with variable test levels up to +10 dBm.





8GHz Full S-parameter low cost Vector Network Analyser (obsolete)


Vector Network Analysers - LA19-13-03 (Replaced by LA19-03-04B),
                                              LA19-13-02 (Replaced by LA19-03-04 / LA19-13-04A)

LA Techniques - Vector Network Analysers

The LA19-13-03 is a PC-driven Vector Network Analyser. It provides great flexibility, fast speed and wide dynamic range. It is useful for measuring a wide range of devices from 300 kHz to 8 GHz with 10 Hz resolution. By means of external links on the front panel, the internal couplers can be bypassed for direct access to the internal receivers. This flexibility allows, for example, high power amplifier measurements to be carried out using an external booster amplifier and couplers. It is housed in a small lightweight package making it very portable.

The LA19-13-02 is a PC-driven Vector Network Analyser suitable for measuring a wide range of devices from 3 MHz to 3 GHz with 100 Hz resolution. Its full s-parameter test set includes bias-Ts for biasing active devices. It is housed in a small lightweight package making it very portable.



Signal Generators


Signal Generator - LA19-15-04
LA Techniques - LA19-15-04 Signal Generator 300 kHz to 8 GHz
The a multi-decade signal generator capable of operation to 8 GHz. Our new versatile and affordable LA19-15-04 instrument operates from 300 kHz to 8 GHz with sub Hz step size and with a 10 ppm settling time of 45 us for any size tuning step. It provides 0.1 Hz resolution, +17 dBm output with 30 dB of amplitude control.



Synthesizer Modules


Synthesizer modules-LA19-15-03
LA Techniques -LA19-15-03 Fast Synthesizer 300 kHz to 8 GHz
The LA19-15-03 is a fast, general purpose multi-decade tuning synthesizer module. It provides very fast tuning, typically settling to within 10 ppm in less than 45 gs for a full band step. It includes a programmable automatic level control capable of operation over a 30 dB range with a settling time in the region of 10 gs.
The maximum, levelled output power is +15 dBm across the entire 300 kHz to 8 GHz band.









Driver Amplifiers


Driver Amplifiers - LA32-01-01 , LA32-03-02 , LA32-04-05, LA32-04-07, LA32-04-08 ,LA-32-04-09, LA32-04-10
LA Techniques - Driver Amplifiers

LA Techniques designs and manufactures a range of broad band amplifiers aimed mainly but not exclusively for use as drivers for high speed optical modulators. Intended for systems data rates to 40Gb/s.
 The amplifiers employ a range of technologies including GaAs MMICs (microwave monolithic integrated circuits) and discrete feedback techniques.







Pulse Pattern Generators


Pulse pattern generators -LA19-01-03, LA19-06-01, LA19-08-01
LA Techniques - Pulse pattern generators
LAs pulse pattern generators provide an economical solution for high speed test applications. Each unit can be configured with two user selectable internal clocks in addition to operation with an external clock.





LA19-05-01 50 kHz - 40 GHz Bias-T - LA19-05-01
LA Techniques -LA19-05-01 50 kHz - 40 GHz Bias-T
The LA19-05-01 is a broad band dc bias insertion tee. It is intended to pass high speed digital signals with little distortion. It provides a well controlled response extending from 50 kHz to over 40 GHz. It provides a pulse rise time of less than 10 ps and is able to support a maximum dc current of up to 200 mA.
The LA19-05-01 is ideally suited for 40 Gb/s systems and other broad band applications





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