Programmable Electronic Load - IT8702 , IT8711 , IT8511   Programmable DC Power Supply - IT6100 IT6322   Spectrum Analyzers - 2650
Programmable Electronic Load Programmable DC Power Supply Spectrum Analyzers
IT8700 DC electronic loads provide you with the flexibility to test a wide range of applications from multi-output AC/DC power supply, DC/DC converter, charger to power electronic components. It is configured by plugging the user selectable modules into the mainframe, and operated using the keypad and rotary knob on the front panel or the remote controlled instructions via Ether Net, USB, RS-232C or GPIB interface. The high resolution voltage(0.1mV), current(0.01mA) measurement system(Up to 1k Hz sampling ) provides both accuracy and convenience.   The IT6100 series are single output programmable power supplies with 0.1mV, 0.01mA High resolution, and built in 5 ½ Digital Voltage Meter. With the high precision and high rise speed (20mS), they were designed to meet the needs of today’s high end applications in R&D design verification, university labs, production testing and other applications that require clean/reliable power and excellent performance.   2600-series handheld spectrum analyzers are ideal for the evaluation of GPS, 802.11a, 3G, ultra-wideband, and WiMAX, W-CDMA, CDMA, GSM, PDC, PHS, Wireless LAN, 802.11 and Bluetooth systems. It was designed to be the most cost effective spectrum analyzer for quick and easy high-precision signal measurements.