Oscilloscope - HMO3522 , HMO2022   Spectrum Analyzer - HMS1000 , HM5530   power supply - HMP2030 , HMP4030
Hameg oscilloscope Hameg Spectrum Analyzer Hameg power supply
HAMEG Instruments offers the most comprehensive portfolio for the diverse areas of application in industry, handcraft, science, education, training, and service as well as the private sector. In addition to our innovative DSO’s (Digital Storage Oscilloscopes) and MSO’s (Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes) the purely Analog Oscilloscope HM400 with the classical CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) are for the customers choice.   Spectrum analysis with HAMEG spectrum analyzers features a frequency range of up to 3GHz and a large dynamic range; for transmission measurements instruments with a tracking generator are available which are easy to operate. Integrated interfaces for fast data communication with an external pc including free software for EMI pre-compliance test measurement functions, as well as the availability of a vast range of optional accessories   HAMEG Instruments’ two types of power supplies (HM8143 and HMP4040) cover numerous applications; each type excels by being universally applicable, simple to operate, its compactness, and an unexcelled price/performance ratio. Test sites especially value this advantage because universal instruments minimize set-up times. The power supply portfolio consists in total of 6 types in order to also care for smaller budgets.
EMI Measurement - HZ530 , HM6050 Programmable Measuring Instruments Series 8100 - HZ530 , HMF2525 Modular System Series 8000 - HM8001-2 , HM8012
Hameg EMI Measurement Hameg Programmable Measuring Instruments Series 8100 Hameg Modular System Series 8000
Whoever sells an electric or electronic instrument or apparatus within the EWR must conform to the European Union Directives on Electromagnetic Compatibility, EMC. This applies as well to manufacturers as to importers in the European Union plus Island, Liechtenstein, and Norway. HAMEG offers very cost-effective solutions to active (emission) measurement problems which allow to perform so called precompliance measurements. ideally suited for test installations in production and automated tests in laboratories. They support either an USB/RS-232, or an IEEE-488 (GPIB) interface and thus may be easily integrated in any test system. In combination with other HAMEG remote controlled instruments high performance test systems may be easily and cost effectively set up. Of course, any of these instruments can be operated manually and used in laboratories. HAMEG Modular System Series 8000 has proven its value to the customer. The advantages of this Modular System have been demonstrated by several 100,000 modules sold. The unexcelled price-performance ratio and the enormous flexibility of the plug-in system allow you to adapt your measurement setups quickly and cost effectively to changing requirements.