1GHz/600MHz 4CH Wide frequency bandwidth Analog Storage Oscilloscope
It is the widest analog oscilloscope in the world in analog oscilloscopes.
DC - 1GHz/600MHz (50 Ohm), DC-500MHz(1megaohm) with passive probe (SS-101R).

Ultra-high writing speed storage 10div/ns
Using the waveform storage function, it is very easy for you to observe high-speed single shot waveform.
TS-81000/80600 has enough ability to storage high-speed single shot waveform as below even at the max. range of 200ps/div(TS-81000),500ps(TS-80600).

The newly developed Scan Converter Tube (SCT) provides more clear and bright waveform on LCD display.
Ultra-high brightness also allow us to observe a random noise in repetitive signal.

[Brightness more than 1,000 times: compared with our analog model in the past]

High resolution color Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon LCD display (800 x 480dots)
Since status of cursor measurement and other settings are displayed outside of waveform area, it is possible to concentrate on observing displayed waveforms effectively.

Persistence function allows over-write of waveforms
It is convenient to compare waveforms, observe single shot waveforms and also suitable for observing low-speed waveforms at X-Y mode.

It is greatly effective for observing any rarely generated noises and jitters in repetitive signal.
Ultimate real time display is realized with waveform capture rate of 1million times/sec.

High accuracy 6-digit frequency counter
Built-in thermal printer and versatile output interface
Built-in thermal printer, LAN interface(10base-T) are provided so you can output and send measured data directly or through network. ATA card slot save display images and setting conditions. Video capture/recording and monitoring are available with NTSC(with S Video)/RGB signal output.

Burn-free and shock-free
Since the waveform is stored by the CCD, CRT phosphors are protected from burning. Durable construction provides excellent shock resistance.

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