LAN interface allows remote control of TS-81000/80600 through network. Net work printer function is also supported.


Video capture is available with Personal Computer and video capture card (NTSC).


NTSC output can be recorded for a long time on VTR.


Since ATA card slot is standard, waveform and setting conditions can be stored to ATA card(Smart Media, Compact Flush Card etc.).


NTSC and VGA can be connected to large-size monitor for some members checking.


Remote control through LAN Network printer support
Remote control is available through LAN. Video signal(NTSC, VGA) can be delivered.
Real time waveform monitor is available.
Hard copy to printers which connected to LAN is available by using "Network Printer Gateway" software.

NTSC output Saveing as a numeric data file from displayed waveform
Displayed waveform can be stored as a Moving Picture files by using retailed video capture unit. It is possible to convert displayed waveform to numeric data. The right picture is drawn by using CALC application software.

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