Video signal
TS-80000 Series displays details of video signal accurately.
It can clearly shows slow repetition video signal details with ultra-high brightness in persistence function.
The TS-80000 Series has suitable functions for video signal such as TV trigger including HD-TV, two kinds of Video scale, TV clamp, 4 field selector and dual delay etc

* TV1, TV2 and custom graticule are selectable

Photo multiplier tube
Output signal voltage variation of Photo multiplier tube.
The TS-80000 Series can display some of irregular signals with slight brightness difference.

Blue laser
The reading and writing signal of the laser diode has been sped up along with high density of optical storage media.The TS-80000 Series can provide solutions to engineers with the 1GHz(TS-81000)/600MHz(TS-80600) widest frequency bandwidth.

EMC(Electro Magnetic Compatibility) Large-capacity transmission
1GHz oscilloscopes are recommended to use for checking of Electro discharge waveform of IEC61000-4-2 standard.
The TS-81000 has ability to storage high-speed single-shot signal like the picture. It is also possible to automatically output stored single-shot waveform.
Digitized video data is sent via high-speed serial transmission line.
The TS-80000 Series accurately displays subtle variation such as overshoot of serial data signal waveforms.

High power laser waveform Evaluation of Power-factor improvement circuit (Power supply)
High-brightness analog oscilloscope meets for continuous low-repetition rate pulse signal.
The TS-80000 Series can provide new safety evaluation style as for style high power laser with video output and LAN interface.
The TS-80000 Series displays jitter contained waveforms with brightness vatiation in real time.


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